Outsourced corporate compliance for global workforces

eLAAS – short for Employee Learning As A Service – is a compliance management system that allows you to outsource your corporate compliance training from start to finish. eLAAS converts your compliance trainings into e-courses, hosts them on a custom domain designed to match your brand, and sends you status reports to track employee progress.

Our service is designed for teams with both white and blue collar employees. Since most blue collar workers don’t have email IDs, we create and maintain them so all factory employees can easily log into the platform. As for white collar workers with existing email IDs, we integrate with your intranet to facilitate single sign-on so they don’t have to remember another username and password.

eLAAS makes corporate compliance affordable and effortless. Sign up for a demo today.

How eLAAS works


Share your trainings

Provide us with your corporate compliance materials and documents, and let us take it from there.


We’ll take you digital

Through our P2E (Paper-to-Electronic) model, we turn those documents into web-based e-courses and host them on a domain exclusive to you yet wholly managed by us.


Start seeing results

Say goodbye to expensive on-site trainings. With eLAAS, your employees can view trainings, take tests, and receive completion certificates at any time on any device.

P2E: Digitizing paper training materials for the electronic era

Traditional compliance trainings are not only expensive, but they also become obsolete almost immediately. Many companies host compliance training on-site, but what happens when you hire five more people the next week? Your workforce is immediately non-compliant, requiring another expensive on-site training.

eLAAS overcomes this challenge through our unique P2E model. We take your compliance and training documentation and turn it into visually compelling 30-minute e-courses, each complete with a short test to ensure knowledge retention. Courses are available in a variety of languages to empower modern global workforces – a critical need for companies with multiple locations worldwide.

eLAAS also digitizes the reporting process, sending you regular status updates along the way and allowing approved supervisors to login and review individual employee progress.

Reap the benefits of eLAAS

On top of keeping your workforce educated on your compliance standards, there are dozens of reasons companies choose eLAAS for employee training. Here are some of the top benefits that make our customers’ lives easier.


We take your protection seriously. With eLAAS, you can feel confident working on a highly secure platform that protects your company and employee data.


eLAAS is already implemented in 14 languages, eliminating language barriers and empowering compliance in any country around the world.


For large companies, our courses can cost less than a cup of coffee per employee – a much more cost-effective option than on-site training.

Join the global movement to ensure corporate compliance

According to Thomson Reuters, corporate compliance spending is increasing more than 60% in North America, 75% in Europe, and 80% in the Middle East. That acceleration is driven by Human Resources, Legal, and Executive teams who know that even a single employee error can shatter a company’s reputation – and thus their bottom line.

Seeing is believing. Request your demo and learn how eLAAS can help prevent compliance catastrophes and save your company money in the long run.