Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about implementing and managing eLAAS

Why is eLAAS beneficial?

eLAAS has several benefits that make our customers’ lives easier, including:
  • Reduced risk: Avoid risks that come with employees not adhering to company policies.
  • Lower costs: Avoid paying for overtime because of compliance violations, and eliminate the travel expenses associated with hosting training facilitators.
  • Efficient HR operations: Our team sends regular reporting so your internal teams never have to manually check on employee progress.
  • Productive employees: Our courses can be completed in about 30 minutes, meaning your employees can get back to work quickly.
  • No language barriers: eLAAS courses can be converted into most languages, eliminating the stress associated with taking a course in a language that isn’t your own.
  • Easier employee process: eLAAS courses can be accessed anytime, anywhere, on any device, making the process easier for employees and supervisors alike.

What type of companies use eLAAS?

We’re ideal for any company that wants its employees to comply with corporate policies, but doesn’t have the time and/or resources to manage regular on-site trainings or create their own online training programs. Because eLAAS can be translated into multiple languages, we also work with many companies that have multiple locations around the world.

Which person in my company should contact you about ordering e-courses?

Anyone in management at your company can contact us, including Human Resources, Executive Leadership, or Legal team members.

What is the turnaround time from ordering courses to going live with employee training?

eLAAS can turn around previewable e-courses in as little as two weeks, and can take courses live in as little as four weeks. That timeline depends on the size of your compliance training and the number of courses we’re creating.

Where are you hosting the e-courses?

We typically host them on a global cloud service provider. However, if you have a preference for a particular hosting company or a specific country, we can accommodate that.

We need e-courses hosted in different countries to adhere to data protection laws or for a better employee experience. Can you do this?

Absolutely we can. We work with multiple clients that legally must have their e-courses hosted in their own country to comply with these laws. There may be an additional fee depending on the country.

Furthermore, eLAAS can also create courses in multiple languages to improve the employee experience and eliminate cultural barriers and miscommunications that come from in-person, single-language trainings.

Some of our employees don’t have company email addresses. Is this an issue?

Not at all. eLAAS’s methodology includes password management so each course can be accessed by an employee number or name on any device at any time. With this model, an employee’s login information is emailed to a supervisor who manages the process. The same process applies if an employee requires password retrieval. The same access model applies for third parties who need to take compliance training, like suppliers, partners, and vendors.

How frequently do we receive test results?

As frequently as you like. Reporting can be scheduled on a regular bases (weekly, monthly, etc.) or pulled on an ad-hoc basis.

Can the e-courses be in the local language of the countries we operate in?

Yes. We already have experience e-courses in 15 languages. Contact Us  to ask about your specific language requirements.

Questions about eLAAS pricing

How much are subscription fees

Our subscription rates are very affordable. Fee structures are determined based on the domain hosting, number and length of e-courses, and the number of employees. Contact our team for an estimate.

How much are e-course fees?

Course fees vary based on length, content, and how many courses we’re creating. Contact our team for an estimate.

What does the annual subscription include?

eLAAS subscription fees include domain hosting, maintaining the platform, hardware, software, security, availability, maintenance, backups, reports, support, and annual content changes.

Questions about eLAAS courses

What are the e-courses you offer?

We don’t have a limited selection of courses. Rather, we create custom courses specifically based on your company’s compliance documents. Common topics include:
  • General corporate code of conduct
  • Anti-corruption (e.g. accepting bribes)
  • Abusing company privileges (e.g. using equipment for personal use)
  • Avoiding conflicts of interest (e.g. sidelining work for your company’s client at a reduced rate)
  • Social media compliance
  • Data protection regulations
  • Security and safety

These topics may be covered in a single e-course, or a collection depending on your needs.

How long are the e-courses?

Each course typically takes around 30-45 minutes to complete. That includes a short test at the end.

Can you create our e-courses for us?

That’s our specialty! We convert your compliance documents into e-courses using our P2E (Paper-to-Electronic) methodology. Your e-courses can then be accessed online anytime.

I need to fully edit my e-courses from last year. How does this work?

That’s no problem. Most organisations refresh their compliance courses every year. For a small fee, our team works with you to edit your course content ongoing to meet compliance regulations.

What is classified as a successful test pass rate?

This is decided solely by your organization.

How many attempts do employees have to take the test?

This is at your company’s discretion.

What happens if they fail the test?

This depends on your company’s policy, and whether reattemps are permitted or limited. We can customize this accordingly.

How often do empoyees take the test?

This is dependent on your policies and frequency preferences.

Who takes the test?

Everyone in your company who needs to be trained in order to be compliant with your company’s policies will review the e-course and take the test.

What is the certificate of completion?

Once an employee has passed a test, it’s stored in the eLAAS portal with your company’s executive signature as confirmation. They also receive a downloadable certificate to reward their completion.

When can my employees take e-courses and tests?

Both are available 24/7.

We would like our partners and suppliers to be compliant with our policies. Can this be facilitated?

Yes. We can allow your partners and suppliers to access e-courses and take tests on your platform. We will then periodically send you the reports on their completion rates.

Reach out to the eLAAS team to discuss digitizing your compliance training today.